Ndaté Sylla, Problem Solving Lover

Passionate and dedicated in my field, I believe that achieving results is essential, with a special emphasis on the journey to reach them.

SyllaDesign : Photo officielle de profile de Ndaté Sylla - 2021

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I enjoy solving problems.  


With the digital revolution, a real tsunami is hitting our society. In all fields (economic, social, political, etc.), “digitization” is present and brings about a paradigm shift. 


Paradigm shift

There was a time when the client requested a service, and the project was executed and simply delivered on time, according to the contract, in the best-case scenario. That world belongs to the past. With digitization, the client is at the center of processes. When it comes to finding innovative solutions focused on human beings, I turn to design thinking, mind mapping, and various project management processes, whether using Agile methods or those of the PMI (Project Management Institute).

Finding the solution

Bringing creativity, skills, different communication platforms and tools (websites, social media, digital marketing, posters, or flyers…), as well as “data,” together is the right way to find the solution to a communication or marketing problem.

The challenge remains ultimately the same. Like a chef, you have to search, analyze, and choose the right ingredients; set up the right tools, ensuring they work well; let it simmer, making sure the dish turns out well. And, of course, not forgetting to serve it well, ensuring final customer satisfaction over time.

Thinking bigger

Whether it’s marketing, branding, web design and development, or digital marketing, I have acquired sharp skills in these areas. As a Marketing and Digital Specialist, recently graduated from CREA OMNES School in Geneva, continuous learning is part of my DNA. In all business projects or contractual work, I treat my collaborators and clients like a chef!

Thank you for your attention and regards,

Digital project manager – Problem solver

🌐 Marketing and Digital Specialist

🔗 Certified Associate in Project Management

🖥️ Web Developer and Web Designer, focused on WordPress

🎨 Multimedia and Graphic Designer

📷 Photographer and Videographer

🎨 Visual Artist (Painter and Sculptor)

🥁 Djembé Percussionist

Politically, socially, and economically engaged.

Member of the Green Party in the Canton of Vaud

Father, husband, and citizen of a better world in construction.


I am at your disposal to ensure customer satisfaction.