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Why Bing may be challenging for Google Ads? What is new about SEO/SEA? Where to find resources and trends in Web Design & Development? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn... Which one is better for your business? Who wins the game on branding and marketing? How to update safely your WordPress site?

Visual Consistency Throughout the Customer Journey

Imagine yourself in a store where each aisle has a different aesthetic, with clashing colors and fonts bickering with each other. Not very appealing, right? This is where visual consistency, our graphic superhero, comes into play!

✔️ Brand Recognition: With a consistent visual identity, your customers will be able to recognize you blindfolded. It’s like recognizing your childhood friend even after years without seeing them. “Ah, it’s you with your logo, colors, and typography!”

SyllaDesign - logotype designed and developed for Libre d'Oser
A strong visual identity

A visual identity can also help communicate the values and personality of a brand to its target audience. For example, a brand that uses bright and bold colors may be perceived as energetic and dynamic, while a brand that uses softer and more muted tones may be perceived as calm and serene. Similarly, a brand’s typography…

Sylladesign : image of digitization in progress
Digital revolution: the case of some regions in the world

More and more customers, service providers or institutions in advanced countries do not make decisions until they have researched the Internet.

How many companies have a website worthy of the name?
What company is working on its listing on search engines (Search Engine optimization – SEO), to give themselves a chance to be contacted by a potential client?
How many companies are working on their branding, their e-reputation or even their digital content? Customer loyalty?

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Happy New Year 2021 - SyllaDesign
Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 !
Wishing you to love what you do or do what you love.
I am absolutely sure it will make the world a better place.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing Manager

Here is a summary of the course and the subjects learned and put into practice:
“Online marketing managers play a crucial role in developing and implementing an organization’s digital marketing strategy. Learn the vital skills and tactical know-how to begin to develop and implement a strategy that can help take your organization to the next level.”

Mobil-first and multi device - Web design, web development, Digital marketing
Your website needs to be working for you, not the other way round

You would never drive your car for years without going to the garage once in a while, at least for a check-up, would you?

You also wouldn’t go to the dentist telling him you know exactly which tooth needs fixed, just because you “learned” it on Google.

Fête du Bois
Make the world a better place to live (and work)…

Many of us spend a huge part of our life at the workplace.

Doing so, we contribute to build the word we are living in. But if this world of life and work doesn’t serve our children (our future), I cannot
agree to participate in it.

SyllaDesign Logotype
Could you tell me something about the logotype of SyllaDesign?

Hi there,
If you can tell me what the symbol of our logo is initially based on, I will create a video singing your name 🙂 for 3 mins.
Please feel free to give your thought on our Facebook page.

Is digital marketing a new fancy buzzword?
Digital marketing, these numbers that matter

Is digital marketing a new fancy buzzword? As I stated on the home page of the website: not at all. All efforts you make to connect with clients through electronic technology, including social media, ads, email, blog, video and other digital content, will help you gain and retain clients. Let’s showcase that with a few numbers that speak louder than words. BUT First of all, what is Digital Marketing?

Is Google’s mobile-first indexing here to stay?
Is Google’s mobile-first indexing here to stay?

Switzerland is supposed to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. That’s why we love it!
However, when it comes to web technologies, you might be surprised how many websites are not mobile friendly.
On March 26, 2018, Google announced that it will now use a mobile-first index based