You would never drive your car for years without going to the garage once in a while, at least for a check-up, would you?

You also wouldn’t go to the dentist telling him you know exactly which tooth needs fixed, just because you “learned” it on Google.

And I’m sure you choose your dentist and your garage carefully. You give them all the information they need to help them make the right diagnostic and allow them to give you the best experience.
Because you value your car and your teeth, don’t you?

What about your website? How do you value it?

For the reasons above and many others, you need to understand that your website also needs regular monitoring and treatments. It is also part of a digital ecosystem and should follow the rapid and beneficial evolution of this digital world, while respecting its rules and basic principles.

To achieve this, you’ll need the right technologies, resources and your own understanding of the digital world.

I’ll be back with another detailed article covering what your website needs.

In the meantime, imagine that your website, all your social media pages and all your digital data are working together to help you reach your goals…

It is possible, and it is exactly the way you should conceive your digital presence, which your website is a major element.

Case study:

Here is a practical overview of this digital ecosystem, with one of my latest achievement. I have indeed had the privilege of providing the services below:

  • Project management (CAPM©)
  • Audit of the previous website
  • Creation of the new website, taking into account the advantages of the old website, the digital positioning of the customer, her resources and market (new customer segments, competition, technologies and trending)
  • Video scripting, video editing and integration
  • WordPress training
  • Digital marketing and digital communication consulting
  • Web mastering and monitoring (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads…)
  • Good spirit, problem solving, lesson learning and flexibility (Agile approach)

Visit the website now on:

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Mobil-first and multi device - Web design, web development, Digital marketing
Mobil-first and multi device – Web design, web development, Digital marketing