Digitization is the logical consequence of the computerization of our societies. There is therefore a digital divide which is even more obvious between digitized companies and others.

One of the serious difficulties we identified is that we are entering the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computers and other big mutations …
Meanwhile, some believe they have taken tech shortcuts, by using the opportunities allowed by cell phones. A tool that is certainly brilliant, but which above all, allows solutions often dedicated to consumption or the production of data: Facebook and other “free” digital platforms where it is ultimately the user, the product, money transfer, for consumption and not investing in wealth or knowledge creation chains. These platforms are often the rare accesses to the digital world for populations who have not yet acquired a strong digital culture.

Sylladesign : image of digitization in progress - v2
Sylladesign : image of digitization in progress

The stakes are often elsewhere.

Acquiring a good digital culture allows you to understand this well.

If everyone is on Facebook, not everyone is doing the same on Facebook.

You should already know that social networks are only part of the digital ecosystem …

How many companies have a website worthy of the name?

What company is working on its listing on search engines (Search Engine optimization – SEO), to give themselves a chance to be contacted by a potential client?

How many companies are working on their branding, their e-reputation or even their digital content? Customer loyalty? Customer service? Making appointments? There is a lot that we can do with a good website!

More and more customers, service providers or institutions in advanced countries do not make decisions until they have researched the Internet.

And the internet isn’t (just) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the apps on our cellphones.

It’s a whole ecosystem that turns our lives upside down at all levels. It’s important to understand that.

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